09 May

It seems to me that with the rapid development of science, we are also rapidly and elusively losing something.
No matter how far we have advanced in mastering new technologies, our consciousness is still at the same level as it was thousands of years ago. Not only have we not progressed, but we are also slowly destroying our consciousness.Just think about it or read the biographies of people who lived hundreds and thousands of years ago. Compare people of the past with those living today, including ourselves.It would seem that modern civilization has achieved unique discoveries in medicine, science, and technology, but this has not helped at all to bring us even a little closer and reveal the mystery and possibilities of our consciousness.Most of the discoveries of past centuries and millennia remain mysteries for us today. The thoughts of famous philosophers of the past are quoted and relevant today.
It is difficult to imagine that the discoveries of the past were made without computers.Most architectural structures were created without modern technology, and some of them cannot be reproduced even today.The entire government system of the past existed and functioned no worse than today, but without telephone, Internet, television and transport.We continue to lose something in the turmoil of today. We are in a hurry, we don’t have enough time and many are in a constant state of stress. We are trying to keep up with something that doesn't matter and ultimately doesn't matter to all of us today.I think we are lost in most of what we have done and continue to do. Although we all have the confidence that everyone has a goal and does everything not only for the benefit of themselves, but also for those around them.Man systematically and unconsciously created a state and society for which he became a slave. This is completely independent of the system and its levels of development.We have become hostage to taxes, inaccessibility of medicine and education, unfair distribution of resources, humiliating old age and much more.The worst thing is that we have become hostages of wars and those who control them. We became hostages of wars created by those we chose. Nobody wants war, but wars continue regardless of our desires and capabilities.

How do you think?

- Where will the creation of artificial intelligence in the image and likeness of its developers and their consciousness lead humanity?

- What can thoughtless and increasing consumerism lead to?

- What progress (or regression) can the development of social networks, which have become the main sinks of our time, lead to?

- How long can a world exist in which most people live unhappily?

It is likely that in most cases there is a lack of interest in such issues, due to lack of time or lack of interest.
I would like to quote the words of Abraham Maslow: “No social reforms, no even the most wonderful constitutions, plans and laws will work until people become sufficiently healthy, strong, developed, until they know themselves and intelligently apply this to practice"

In the meantime, it seems to me that we are moving away from what can make us happier in this world.

We lose something irretrievably in the depths of our consciousness.

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