Life without love is an illusion that makes no sense

All I know about myself is a narrative I've crafted.
Your perception of me is your own narrative.
It's only through the collective perspectives of those around me that I approach a true understanding of myself.
The true essence of my being remains a mystery, even to myself.

Years pass by unnoticed.
For some, they unfold in unconscious monotony and routine.
For others, they are filled with happy moments and creative insights.
Both groups live as they can and as they have been taught.
Both think they are living rightly for themselves.
Both may believe they are living happily.
And each of us is right.
That's how our world is...
How the world appears in my understanding is the aim of this project.
This is just one perspective on how the world operates around me.
It's simply an attempt to peer into my consciousness.
How it looks from your side, only you know.

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What is Love?

What is Love?


Love is the freedom to be yourself, and be together with someone who accepts and values you just as you are.

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Do my thoughts belong to me, or Why am I here?

Do my thoughts belong to me, or Why am I here?


You almost never think about where your thoughts come from. You just think and talk about something, completely unaware that you are not living in the real world. You think that you live in a world that you invented and created for yourself. I hope that in this book you will discover for yourself that, it turns out, you did not invent your own world and your thoughts are far from your thoughts, as you think now.

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  • Energy Matrix

  • Oil Paint

  • Sea

  • Forest

Who are you?

Intelligent and wise thoughts have been around for ages. You're essentially echoing ideas that have been voiced by others before.

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What do you see?

Everything you see around you is just a movie.

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You worry about the future and regret the past so often that you forget to be grateful for and appreciate what you have today.

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Freedom You don't own anything in this world. As soon as you start to think that something belongs to you and you become attached to it, you immediately have problems and stress.

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What is important to you?

What is important to you today? Family... work... fun... What will remain important to you if you lose it? Family... work... opportunity to have fun...

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1. The employee works and receives a salary 2. The entrepreneur works and pays the employee a salary

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Why blame yourself if you acted according to your conscience, did everything with the best intentions and to the limit of your capabilities?

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Is there really a choice or is it predetermined by my fate? The answer is not as simple as it seems at first glance.

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We're losing something

It seems to me that with the rapid development of science, we are also rapidly and elusively losing something.

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Все что с нами происходит случайность, до тех пор пока мы не увидим в этом закономерность.

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Все шло по твоим правилам. ТЫ что-то планировал и делал, куда-то спешил. Что-то делал успешно, а что-то не очень. И вдруг раз и ты оказался здесь.

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Насколько верно высказывание? - < В СПОРАХ РОЖДАЕТСЯ ИСТИНА >

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