09 May

What is important to you today? Family... work... fun...What will remain important to you if you lose it? Family... work... opportunity to have fun...What will be left after you? Family... work... your entertainment...What will remain important to you if you lose the ability to walk or are overtaken by an incurable disease?Unfortunately, while we are in the daily bustle, few people are interested in these questions and the answers to them.When we find ourselves face to face with the disease, only then• Some people think only about themselves and when they will be cured and they will again be able to return to the fuss that no one needs;

• Others think about the meaninglessness of their existence, injustice and self-pity;

• only some begin to think about why or for whom they did something up to this point, for what or for whom they lived and what has become important to them now.

Nothing like illness allows you to look into a person’s soul.

What is important to you today?

A person’s life is a moment during which he has made many mistakes and many good things.It is important to believe, fight and conquer yourself every day. 

Today you need to be better than yesterday, tomorrow better than today. The pursuit of excellence has no end and continues throughout your life, along with the benefit you bring to other people.

It's never too late to start.

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